The founding team: Steven, Andre, Erik


We are an early stage B2B startup. Our mission is to raise the bar in the quality assurance (QA) landscape for mobile apps. Get in touch with us if manual QA is a bottleneck in your development and release process.

Steven Reinisch (CEO)

Steven is an experienced founder, passionate business model designer and software engineer. The german army is to blame for his passion for software engineering, the german wall for his entrepreneurial spirit. Over the last seven years he worked on multiple mobile app development projects as an engineer and delivery lead. He setup various quality assurance processes starting from manual testing to automated testing. Since none of the existing options allowed for short release cycles with a reasonable amount of time and money, he decided to co-found Quantosparks.

Andre Da Cruz Guerreiro (CTO)

Andre is an experienced mobile engineer who worked on multiple mobile app development projects over the past five years. During his computer science studies he did research in the filed of automated generation of GUI tests for mobile apps. During his research he realised that the gap between the scientific app testing community and real world app development projects is huge and that both can benefit from each other. To close this gap he co-founded Quantosparks.

Erik Lewerenz (COO)

Erik is an industrial engineer and project management specialist. Since he is sick of crashing and buggy apps he co-founded Quantosparks.